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Oos Raat Ke Baad | Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja, Madan Puri | Classic Thriller Hindi Full Movie

Oos Raat Ke Baad | Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja, Madan Puri | Classic Thriller Hindi Full Movie
Oos Raat Ke Baad is a 1969 thriller movie, directed and produced by YB Siraj under the banner Commercial Cine Corporation. The movie stars Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja, Madan Puri, Sailesh Kumar, Aruna Irani, Shamminder and Kishore Bhatt. Other star casts include Tarun Bose, Bela Bose, Asit Sen, Pravin Paul Sunder, Amrita Patel, Dinesh Hingoo and Masterji.
Thakur Sunder Singh (Sanjeev Kumar) is the thakur, or lord, of a small estate. He lives in the estate’s manor with his daughter Sharmila (Tanuja). His greedy brother Madan Singh (Madan Puri) also resides at the manor, and is constantly seeking money from Sunder Singh. In the past, Sunder Singh had an affair with a village girl, who gave birth to his illegitimate child. Sunder Singh refused to accept both of them as it would be against his family honor. His guilt over this situation causes him great anxiety, and he suffers from asthma and heart problems as a result.

Doctor Shyam attends the manor to treat Sunder Singh, and Sharmila falls in love with him. When her uncle Madan Singh sees Sharmila and Doctor Shyam flirting, he goes to Sunder Singh and informs him about his daughter’s behavior. In a fit of rage, Sunder Singh quarrels with Sharmila and slaps her. She continues her secret relationship with the doctor behind her father’s back. The stress causes Sunder Singh to have a heart attack. Sharmila decides to end her relationship with the doctor, wanting to prevent her father from suffering more pain.

Several days later, it is Sharmila’s birthday party. A number of guests are at the manor, including Doctor Shyam. A dancing girl (Aruna Irani) was also hired to performing mujra, a classical Kathak-style dance. The doctor goes to Sharmila’s room to find her, and is spotted by Madan Singh. Madan Singh reports this to his brother Sunder Singh, who attacks the doctor in presence of the guests, telling him never return to the manor. Upset, Sharmila leaves her home the next morning to stay at a hostel.

Sunder Singh is extremely upset by the situation, and Madan Singh adds to his woes by marrying the mujra girl. Sunder Singh refuses to accept the mujra dancer as his sister-in-law and has another heart attack. Doctor Shyam is called, and he suggests that Sunder Singh forgive Sharmila in order to ease some of his tension. However, Sunder Singh believes that Doctor Shyam is scheming to get close to Sharmila again. Based on this, Madan Singh convinces his elder brother that Doctor Shyam is not trustworthy and that he should be replaced by another doctor. Madan Singh brings in Doctor Lakhan and Nurse Veera (Bela Bose) to attend him.

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