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Mai Baap – Hindi Full Movie – Shyama, Balraj Sahni – Bollywood Classics Movies

The visually impaired Chandan (Balraj Sahni) lives in the village of Anandpur. He weaves baskets for a living. He has a neighbour called Kaka (Nasir Husain). Kaka’s daughter Basanti (Shyama) loves Chandan. One day Parker (Johnny Walker) and Bhagwan visit the village. They are lottery ticket sellers and want to sell a Lottery tickets to the vilagers. Nobody buys the ticket which costs around Rupees 7. Chandan decides to buy the ticket with the hard earned money he has saved. A few days later the Lottery strikes gold and Chandan wins more than Four Lakhs. What will happen next in this rags to riches story?

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  1. Entertaining movie. Moral of the story: never take advantage of the disadvantage. Like the way Chandan carried out his get back plans against Parker and Leela (?) Devi but don't understand why Parker's character was made to survive from his fall at the waterfall. Best scene is at the end of the film when the little sister too eager to expose who the real doctor's assistant was. Enjoyed this film very much. Well done to M Sadiq.

  2. nice movie some songs are good music by O.P.Naiyary is good. Thanks for uploading.

  3. pretty stupid movie
    blind guy wins huge lottery but not a single reporter shows up and is left to the mercies of charlatans while his family and friends abandon him
    how likely is that?
    1 1/2 stars

  4. where is last scene in which johny walker is looking like begger and handicapped?

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