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Gomti Ke Kinare – Hindi Full Movie – Mumtaz, Sameer Khan, Rehman, Meena – Hit Hindi Movie

Sameer lives with his mother Ganga and maternal uncle Nekiram. Brought up under extreme hardships by his mother and supported by his uncle Sameer becomes an engineer. He is soon appointed in a reputed construction firm. He meets Roshni and the two fall in love and get engaged. In a turn of events a rival businessman alleges that neither is Ganga his mother nor is Nekiram his uncle. Who is Ganga? What is the reality of Sameer’s birth?

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  1. Meenaji's last film….meenaji is the best actress hindi cinema has ever produced….no one…no one can come even close to her in terms of acting…forget surpassing❤

  2. PS upload the movie in HD.

  3. बहुत अच्छी मूवी है। 6 April, 18

  4. This is Meena Kumari's last released film and not Pakeeza as is popularly believed.

  5. My beloved late Meena Kumari's figure was as slimmed in the 50's. But that was due to her illness. One could see she had tired face. It was told that she had asked the producers to speed up with the making of this film because she knew she had little time left to live. I am not sure when she decided to agree to do this film and Pakeezah either she loved acting so much, or by doing was the way she could escape the stress surrounding her life or purely she was in need of money to pay for her medical expenses. Whatever reason it was, I feel sorry for her, for her failed marriage, her hope from men for love which turned out hopeless, and for men taking advantage of her fame and beauty. May Allah swt have mercy on her soul and place her in Jannah. Aaminn

  6. Overall Rating 6 Stars out of 10
    REVIEW – Gomti, a tributary of the Ganges, is one of the many transcendental rivers in India, where bathing in it washes away one's sins. It’s a river in which a sacred “Gomti Chakra” (Snail wheel) is found. This sacred object provides abundance in wealth, health, and success and is also believed to give protection for children. Along the riverbank is the temple of Shri Krishna whose teachings inspire compassion, tenderness, love and beauty. In this sacred and nirvanic environment, a woman (Tawaif – Mujra Dancer) meets a little boy who sees her in the image of his own dead mother and imagines her to be the real one. Realizing he is an orphan, physically abused, helpless and alone, the woman is overcome with the spiritual surroundings and her inner woman’s motherhood, she finally takes him into her care. But motherhood is not acceptable in the house of ill repute. Fearing separation, the woman flees with the boy, leaving all the misery behind and starts a new life in another city. However, their future is haunted by ghosts of the past, and the secret source of shame, potentially ruinous, is exposed.

    A simple plot but fairly well written script, the performance of Meena Kumari is par excellence. She is solid as a rock, strong, firm, intense yet tender and so loving and emotional. The Mujra at 14:10 is excellent and Meena Kumari’s looks at her age just before she passed away is simply stunning. She was 38 years old when she died. All the leading stars and character artistes have performed well. The musical score is average. The film runs at a medium pace and I believe mature audiences will like this movie very much.

  7. The credits are missing in the start of the film. Those interested in knowing, see below:
    Meena Kumari as Ganga
    Agha as Nekiram
    Jalal Agha as Dhobi
    Harbans Darshan M. Arora as Doctor
    Chandrima Bhaduri as Shyama's Mother
    Bharat Bhushan as Bharat
    Rajan Haksar as Khan
    Helen as Herself
    Daisy Irani as Chandni
    I. S. Johar as Seth Chellamal
    Alankar Joshi as Young Sameer 'Munna' (as Master Alankar)
    Sameer Khan as Sameer 'Munna'
    Lalita Kumari as Champa (as Lalita Sinha)
    Manorama as Manoramabai
    Mukri as Himself
    Mumtaz as Roshni Das
    Paintal as Film Kumar
    Randhir as Ramu
    Rehman as Gopal Das
    Asit Sen as Petrol Pump owner
    Shyama as Mrs. Shyama Das
    Tun Tun as Petrol Pump owner's wife

    Directed by Saawan Kumar Tak
    Produced by Saawan Kumar Tak
    Music by Rahul Dev Burman
    Majrooh Sultanpuri (lyrics)[1]
    Release date 1972

  8. is hero of film is the brother of FEROZ KHAN?

  9. If the movie is not downloadable then why uploaded on Youtube, no body wants to watch movie online on You tube for it being buffering etc. etc. or hasn't time or would like to watch in their free time etc. Mostly all movies are available to be downloadable either on You Tube or Online. If the owner understand this well and good otherwise let the owner remove entirely video from You Tube is the best for all.

  10. not downloadable.. plz make it downladable

  11. Plz upload ishk ishk ishk and shaque of vinod khanna

  12. Plz upload ishk ishk ishk and shaque of vinod khanna

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